Ola requires all drivers to maintain a high standard of customer service. Exceptional customer service is essential for achieving a high performance and quality service by drivers. Drivers get only one chance at a first impression so it is very important for you to provide excellent customer service. This will allow you to receive good ratings and the customer to take an Ola ride with you again.

Customer service covers all aspects of your dealings with customers. Here are a few tips and recommendations from Ola on customer service.

Hygiene and cleanliness

  1. Be neatly attired in casual apparel with clean clothing.
  2. Pay attention to personal hygiene and grooming standards. Shower daily, brush teeth and hair, and use a deodorant. Do not use spray deodorisers that get into the seat fabric and is passed on to the customers’ clothes.
  3. Keep your vehicle clean inside and out and free from defects including visible dents and scratches.

Passenger courtesy

  1. Treat passengers with dignity and respect at all times.
  2. Accept differences in culture, language, religion, accents, gender and speech patterns.
  3. Greetings of customers should be polite, respectful and well mannered. Even if your day is not going as well as expected, keep smiling you will be amazed at how your good attitude rubs off on the customers.
  4. Provide assistance to the customer such as by helping with loading and unloading of passenger items (groceries, luggage, walkers).
  5. Manage passenger items in a safe manner taking into account manual handling best practices.
  6. Focus on your customer at all times.
  7. Politely confirm your customer’s destination and if you don’t know it, ask the customer more questions. Never guess the destination.
  8. When using navigational aids like GPS and street directories, always confirm the route with the customer first to avoid any misunderstandings. The customer’s way is always the best way.
  9. Do not proactively ask for ‘tips’ from the customer.

Driving behaviour

  1. Drive in a safe and professional manner (two hands on the wheel) and comply with road rules
  2. Use equipment in your vehicle also in a safe and professional manner.
  3. Do not stop your vehicle for refuelling during the journey. All refuels should be done before accepting a service request or after completing a trip.
  4. Do not make any personal stops during the journey unless it is for an emergency.
  5. Always be mindful of the customer’s preferences and do not play loud music (above mid-level of the stereo) or music through any kind of earphone device.
  6. Respect customers’ privacy and only engage in personal conversation with customers if customers start the conversation. Be mindful of the fact that customers may appear to be friendly but may dislike personal questions.
  7. Do not take any personal calls while the customer is in the vehicle except in the event of an emergency or when you are required to navigate to the customer’s destination.
  8. Always strive to reach the pickup point before pickup time. You must notify the customer if you are delayed and  when you expect to reach the pickup point.