Customer Peak is a feature that benefits the Ola rider and driver.

Customer Peak pricing appears in high demand periods such as peak hour, major events, transport strikes and weather conditions.

Base fare pricing with Ola increases over this time, to enable accessibility to a ride, for customers in high demand zones, times and days. This is known as Customer Peak.

Customer Peak is visible in the Ola customer app at the time of booking. Riders are aware that their fare will be higher.

For Ola drivers, a multiplier showing the customer peak applied to the base fare in the designated zones. This multiplier indicates the pricing that will be applied to the customer fare and is updated based on demand, in real-time.

Customer Peak is not applicable to all areas. It only applies to those areas where high demand has been identified and this changes regularly.

For the Ola customer, ‘peak’ provides them with access to an Ola ride in high demand times. They have the option to place the booking and accept the peak fare or not.

For an Ola driver, ‘peak’ supports your accessibility and availability in the identified high – demand zones, times and days. The multiplier applied to the base fare, provides a higher earning opportunity, rewarding your ride acceptance.