During this festive season, we want our drivers to fulfill their maximum potential. With our great incentives for New Year’s Eve 2018 and an expected significant demand for our drivers over this season, Ola is keen to encourage drivers to earn as much as possible while at the same time follow the rules.

At Ola, we reward our drivers much more than our competitors. Our driver rewards and incentives include Power Zones, booking based offers, referral offers and various promotions and campaigns for drivers which we run from time to time. You can read more about Ola incentives in our Driver Rewards and Earnings article.

Some of the other ways we help drivers include the following:

While we value our drivers and provide maximum benefits possible to our drivers, we also rely on our drivers to behave responsibly and provide excellent customer service to our customers. For example, it is absolutely crucial that you keep your documents updated as having expired documation is a breach of on-demand transport rules. Read more about keeping your documents updated in our Guide to Updating Driver Documentation.

In addition, Ola has strict policies on drugs and alcohol and on fatigue management while providing services to Ola. We encourage our drivers to read our Driver Fatigue Management Policy and Driver Drug and Alcohol Zero Tolerance Policy, as well as our Driver Community Rules.