2019 with Ola

Here at Ola, it has been a fabulous first year for us in Australia and New Zealand. We would like to thank all our drivers and customers for warmly welcoming us with open arms. We want all our drivers and customers to have safety as a first priority when continuing to drive and ride with Ola.

A message to our drivers

Keep safe while driving for Ola. Peak and holiday periods are the most dangerous times on the road. In Holiday periods, nationwide, road death toll will increase during this holiday period mainly as a result is drunken crashes and fatigue.

Ola drivers not only has to deal with these two major causes of death on the roads by sharing the roads with drunk and tired drivers, but also customers and passengers who may exhibit undesirable behaviour.

Road safety recommendations

When on the road with Ola, drivers should:

  • Practice defensive driving and stay sharp;
  • Get noticed – turn on your headlights and use turn signals to let other drivers and pedestrians know you are nearby and what you are planning to do;
  • Prepare for evasive action – assume any other vehicles on the road might take an action that may put you at risk;
  • Keep your distance between your vehicle and any others on the road;
  • Refrain from aggressive behaviour – if you encounter another erratic or aggressive driver, slow down and put even more space between the two of you;
  • Report to the police the presence of any dangerous drivers on the road;
  • Adhere to our Customer Service Policy and read up again on our Recommendations for Managing Difficult Passengers.

Contact our Driver Support Care Team if you face any issues. We are here, ready and willing to help.

A message to our customers

Over peak and holiday periods, our drivers will be out and about eager to chauffeur our customers to and from their destinations. We want to make sure that all customers have a smooth ride and arrive safely during this time.

Customer safety recommendations

Here are some tips and recommendations for our customers:

  • Confirm the vehicle and your driver – make sure you get in the right vehicle and your driver is who they say they are;
  • Use the Safety Emergency (SOS) button in cases of emergency or distress;
  • Share your trip details with friends and family in real time through your Ola app;
  • Update your emergency contact details – add names of up to 5 individuals as your emergency contacts in your Ola app;
  • Your driver may contact you for lost or missing items.

Contact our Customer Support Team – Australia and New Zealand for any support issues or matters you may encounter.

Ride safely and happily with Ola!