Every rideshare provider must comply with the regulations set by the point to point transport commissioner. This means having on file a recent vehicle inspection and a background verification for the driver.

At Ola, we want to make compliance as easy as possible.

We have made arrangements to provide you with a vehicle inspection and a background verification service. It does not require payment up front and results come through to us automatically. These services are offered once you have completed the other steps in your application to drive.

With your NSW Drivers Licence, no less than 12 months old and if you already have a pink slip less than six months old or a police check dated less than three months ago, you can upload those. If you need to make a new one, follow this link and we will receive a response within just a few days.


Your Police check must be current as of 3 months. You can apply for this through https://ola.checked.com.au

A physical inspection is easy as through Redbook. Click HERE to get it underway.

When you start driving with Ola you:

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  • enjoy daily payments & earn more to kick start your New Year or anything else you are saving for!

Complete your registration in full NOW and get driving sooner.

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*Ola will cover the cost of your Police Check if you complete through ola.checked.com.au. The cost will be deducted from your account at a later date, once you are onboard with Ola. Please note: Ola does not complete the Police Check on your behalf. It is your responsibility to fill out the application.