The ‘timer’ feature has been introduced to assist Ola drivers manage the ‘wait time’ on customer pickups. This will enable a driver to see how much time has lapsed once the pickup location has been reached, to be eligible for a cancellation fee.


  1. The Reached Pickup button appears soon after a booking has been accepted. This should be pressed at the time of reaching the pickup location.
  2. Upon clicking the Reached Pickup button at the pickup location, the wait timer starts after 1 minute.
  3. The wait timer will run for 4 minutes for the customer to reach the driver – as per the Ola Cancellation Policy.

If a driver clicks Reached Pickup before reaching the actual pickup location and before the scheduled time of arrival, the time will be automatically adjusted with the ETA to the pickup location, providing the customer and driver with the ‘true’ 5 minute wait time, as per the Ola Cancellation Policy.

Once a driver clicks Reached Pickup, after reaching the pickup location, the wait timer starts after 1 minute and runs for 4 minutes.

It will appear like this in the Driver app.

Reached Pickup Location 

If a driver attempts to click the Reached Pickup button before reaching the pickup location, a warning message will pop up asking: Reached Pickup location early?

Press YES or NO, based on the time you have reached the pickup location to enable the timer.

You should press the Reached Pickup location button, only once you HAVE reached the location.

Update your Ola driver app regularly, to ensure you can access all of the latest features and app updates.